giovedì 19 settembre 2013

Un estratto da "The Wind of Winters", il prossimo libro de "Le cronache del ghiaccio e del fuoco"

Nota: da qui all'uscita per Harper Collins il testo potrebbe cambiare numerose volte.


They struck out north by northwest, across drylands and parched plains and pale sands toward
Ghost Hill, the stronghold of House Toland, where the ship that would take them across the Sea of
Dorne awaited them." "Send a raven whenever you have news," Prince Doran told her, "but report only
what you know to be true." We are lost in fog here, besieged by rumors, falsehoods, and traveler’s tales."
I dare not act until I know for a certainty what is happening."
  War is happening, though Arianne, and this time Dorne will not be spared. "Doom and death
are coming," Ellaria Sand had warned them, before she took her own leave from Prince Doran." "It is
time for my little snakes to scatter, the better to survive the carnage."" Ellaria was returning to her
father’s seat at Hellholt." With her went her daughter Loreza, who had just turned seven." Dorea
remained at the Water Gardens, one child amongst a hundred." Obella was to be dispatched to
Sunspear, to serve as a cupbearer to the wife of the castellan, Manfrey Martell."
  And Elia Sand, oldest of the four girls that Prince Oberyn had fathered on Ellaria, would cross
the Sea of Dorne with Arianne." "As a lady, not a lance," her mother said firmly, but like all the Sand
Snakes, Elia had her own mind.